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Mascot Survey

Osgoode Township High School has been in deep thought of getting a mascot to help promote school spirit. We have the information already but only the major details. There are items that we would like to ask you, the student body, for your opinions because as a student of this school, you know what being a panther is all about!

What colour should the OTHS’ panther mascot be?
a) Dark Blue
b) Tan (Brown)
c) Black
d) Grey

We want it to wear a jersey. Which sport team jersey (ies) do you think it should have?
a) Just the OTHE hockey jersey
b) One for each of our school’s sports
c) None

What shape do you think our mascot should be?
a) Round and Fat
b) Shinny and Slim
c) Some where between a and b

Which do you prefer the most for our mascot?
a) Pete the Panther
b) Paddy the Panther
c) Parker the Panther

If you do not like any of the above in any of the questions, please give a suggestion to want you would like to see.

Thank you for taking a moment of your time in completing this survey.
Be sure to watch out for OTHS’ mascot!

I heard... that we are getting a moscot costume.
It'll be a panther.
What do you people think?
I heard it's going to be only wearing the hockey teams shirt because thats what our principal wants.
That it might be light brown.
Gross, I think

I'm bored and don't have anyting else to do right now.

How was the concert this year? I didn't go this year because i fugured i was going to have to give up going one year, or else i'd end up being one of those people that visits the school, but no one even remembers them.

Just wanted to wish everyone a VERY merry christmas.
I hope you all enjoy your break kiddos!

School today was amazing!